To the Official site of the Natal Deep Sea Angling Association. (NDSAA)

The Association is founded on the following beliefs and principals:

1. that gamefish is any defined species of marine fish held in high esteem and sought-after because of its fighting and sporting characteristics when caught on rod and reel from a craft at sea;

2. that gamefish species, their related food fish and their respective habitats are economic, social, recreational and aesthetic assets which must be maintained, wisely used and perpetuated;

3. that the sport of gamefish angling is an important recreational and social activity which must be encouraged and promoted and that the public must be educated to pursue it in a manner consistent with sound sporting and conservational practices in accordance with the angling rules and regulations of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA);

4. that the sport of gamefish angling is a deliberate and intentional act of angling for gamefish in accordance with internationally accepted ethics, rules and regulations according to the most sporting methods and in the spirit of gamefish angling;

5. that the spirit of the sport of gamefish angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct, strength and behaviour of the gamefish in such a way that the gamefish stands a reasonable chance for its life;

Further information can be obtained by referring to our Constitution.

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