South African Records; All Africa Records; Natal Records; World Records; MERIT Awards and Catch Certificates

All information must be correct and checked and must reach the SADSAA Records’ Officer within 60 days via your Province
The fish weight has to exceed the Line Class in any Claim
The name of the fish, the Smith Number and the scientific name must all correspond.
Verification of species will be done by the records officer with the assistance of ORI.

All applicable sections must be filled in:
• An expert must identify uncommon species. The required section must be filled in.
• A commissioner of oaths must sign the form.
• The club secretary or any relevant person from your club must sign the form.

All attachments must be done correctly:
• Forms must be duplicated (two separate applications, one for the Province and one for SADSAA). Each form must
have at least 3 photographs of the fish attached.
• The photos should include: the rod and reel, the scale, the angler with the fish and measurements of the fish.
• A valid Scale Calibration Test Report Certificate must be attached to each application form.
• The hook, leader and 20m of line must be wound neatly around a piece of stiff cardboard.
• The name of the angler, line class, species and date must be written on the cardboard and be placed in a small
plastic bag.
• Include R50.00 for each SADSAA certificate.
Line class record or All Tackle record and/or
Ratio – 5:1; 10:1; 15:1 and/or
Weight – 50kg club; 100kg club; 500kg club
• An additional certificate called the Catch Certificate can also be applied for. Include R50.00.
• Include R35.00 for postage. NDSAA will send all applications via Registered Post.
• Certificates can be given to your Association representative at the Tri-Annual SADSAA meeting at no extra
• Certificates can be sent by Speed post to your nearest Post Office at an additional cost of R140.00 per mailing.

The applications must be sent to:
Anton van den Berg
c/o NDSAA Office
15 Gordge Road Umbilo, 4001
Cell: 082 888 2218

The applications can also be hand-delivered to Anton van den Berg by arrangement.
Applications can also be sent to NDSAA Secretary:
Gail Sonnekus,
Tel Office: (031) 205 6310

Please note: WORLD RECORD applications have to be sent by the angler, to IGFA as well as completing the usual SADSAA forms. Include a 20m line sample to go to SADSAA. ALL AFRICA RECORD applications to be included with the SADSAA application. The cost of a certificate for an All Africa Record is $10.00

NDSAA Record Applications (Min. Ratio: 0.5:1) & NDSAA All Tackle Records, Use A SADSAA Form. Indicate NDSAA Record Application