1. to be and to function as the autonomous governing body of the sport of amateur gamefish angling from craft at sea in the Province of Natal.  For the purpose of this Clause, a ‘craft’ shall comply with the law of the land;

2. to promote, control and foster the sport of gamefish angling in conformity with the national and international practices and the international rules and regulations laid down from time to time by IGFA and/or other internationally accepted rules and regulations as may be directed by the NDSAA Council;

3. to keep accurate records of gamefish angling in conformity with national and international practices and the international rules and regulations laid down from time to time by IGFA and/or other internationally accepted rules and regulations as may be directed by the NDSAA Council;

4. to evolve guidelines of angling rules made to regulate the holding of tournaments and the keeping of tournament records;

5. to organise inter-provincial, inter-association, inter-area and inter-club gamefish angling contests at venues stipulated by the Association from time to time;

6. to approve inter-area, inter-club and individual open competitions and to maintain a record of catches of individual anglers of the members in inter-area and inter-club competitions;

7. to select qualified anglers to represent the Province of Natal or the Association in national and other gamefish angling competitions.

8. to promote competence in the handling of craft, including the laying down of a set of rules to govern the operation of craft and all requirements of safety according to law, which members of the Association shall be obliged to observe;

9. to liaise and co-operate with all levels of government, private enterprise and other concerned and interested bodies for the protection and/or conservation of marine fish, their habitats and their food fish and/or sport fishing grounds;

10. to maintain the Association as a non-political and non-racial body abiding by the laws of the land, and to preserve its amateur status and that of its members;

11. to design, adopt, register and award colours, badges or uniforms as required or stipulated from time to time;

12. to use the revenue and property of the Association from whatever source derived to further the interests and objectives of the Association and for such other purposes as the Association may deem necessary or desirable;

13. to purchase, improve, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any movable and immovable property and rights or privileges whatsoever which may be deemed necessary, suitable or convenient for the implementation of the objects of the Association and to sell, let or hire, or otherwise dispose of the whole or any part of the assets of the Association for such consideration and upon such terms and conditions as the Association may from time to time deem fit;

14. to open and operate banking and savings accounts and any other investment account as may be deemed necessary or requisite by the Association without any limitation;

15. to raise funds for the purpose, philosophy and objects of the Association as enunciated herein and if deemed necessary, borrow monies upon the security of the fixed assets and investments of the Association upon such terms and conditions as may be necessary or advisable in the circumstances;

16. to establish a tournament fund for funding national, inter-provincial, or inter-association competitions and/or the teams participating therein;

17. to engage the services of such persons, companies or concerns upon such terms and conditions as may be deemed expedient to give effect to the objectives of the Association;

18. to refrain from carrying on any business that has for its objects any acquisition or gain by individual members of the Association;

19. to affiliate with the South African Deep Sea Angling Association and any other national or international body that may be deemed relevant or beneficial from time to time to the interests and/or objectives of the Association;

20. to maintain a comprehensive register of individual anglers of member clubs of the Association and to update such register from time to time and at least before each Annual General Meeting of the Association.

21. to encourage compliance by the members with all requirements which it may stipulate from time to time in regard to the rendering of catch returns.

22. to undertake and/or support, where relevant or necessary, scientific and economic research and studies to determine the economic and scientific impact of the sport of gamefish angling on the economy, environment and reserves of fish;

23. to promote the harmonious interaction in competitions and otherwise of all craft owned or operated by the individual anglers of member clubs;

24. to uphold the Code of Conduct of the Association;

25. to adhere to the Environmental Policy of the Association;

Further information can be obtained by referring to our Constitution.

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